Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod APK

Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod APK 

Dedicated to the popular 3D animation system will enjoy your number training in this exciting game in Lydia when you will have to play your favorite character, make it into the world of monsters. Train yourself mythical creatures and hide in the arena. Face it.

Develop Traditional

Control your burqa as you develop traditional whiskey habitats, cracking and training winged snakes as a specialist exploring the vast land and Vikings Ocean. Participating in the preparation of their partner, a shocking plot was hatched by the people of the Book and Number.

Find out more about this amazing game with the research done by the Dragon: The Ascension of the Burke.


In the game, players will join Hiccup, Toothless, their teammates and special Vikings as you develop your own steam from scratch. Do a decent job for the Vikings and the Dragons combined to build a solid foundation with good dragons and a strong economy.

Stays and escapes

However, you will face an outside crowd that has taken steps to disrupt your peaceful country for a long time. It is our responsibility to assist the person and his or her number to ensure that the abuser stays and escapes.

Gaining wealth

Build your foundation, develop infrastructure and hire staff to build the economy and protect itself. Create new types of dragons, create and help them every day to prevent them from gaining wealth to protect themselves from enemy attack. They will take the combined attributes of Vic and the mythical serpent to defeat these new opponents.


Here you will find the key points to bring to the play table:
Simple guides and tutorials for quick communication orientation

The familiarity of the dragons from top to bottom and the great communication that continues: Burke Vuka, thanks to a large part of the natural and exercise guide.

Heath Ledger

Get help and guidance from Heath Ledger and other favorite characters from the program. Accompany them when you arrive at the beautiful creations of dragons and wikings.

Develop construction and help your mythical snake

Start linking below for the most accessible section. With each building with its own elements, from social media to animal regeneration, you can grow slowly and strengthen your foundation.

Epic adventure

In addition, you can separate both mythical and urban animals to help build this camp. Join the rich area and join an epic adventure at sea to collect snakes and rich people.

Announce the game with a huge number from DreamWorld.

Those interested will be happy to manage the fees from this new game in the well-known way of training your number. Here you encounter many mythical snakes with special powers and abilities.

Popular genres

Combined with the most popular genres, for example, the Nster Dead Night Night costume, then some. Similarly, with 400 or more people, you may find the most frightening snake in movies and on television. Stop playing with a toothbrush, teacher, and more.
Collect amazing eggs perfectly as you try to find and make amazing snake with wings. Take the hardest seed from your egg and beat it.

Discover the largest island in Denmark

Players' games on the Drag Rise of Burke are also allowed to explore the beauty of nature and the oceans as you enter the amazing world of Viking. Fly to 60 different islands with lots of travel and difficulty. Feel free to explore different scenarios and interesting monster species and learn about their novel powers.

Play games with your favorite characters in the program

Also, for those who are interested, you will have the opportunity to play games with your favorite characters, for example, Hikkip, West Wand, Struron, Tiffany Snowdool, and more. Once you know the myth of the number at Berkeley, their amazing experiences and journeys. You will have the opportunity to get to know the Vikings.

You face different challenges when completing a clear journey

Complete the mission set in Burke's Dragon Rise by releasing a well-known number captured by a secret new man. They surrendered and sent their armies to the men of Burke. Fill up your equipment and make a great whiskey shop in Buke.