Idle Heroes MOD APK 1.24.0 (VIP 13)

Idle Heroes Mod APK 1.24.0 (VIP 13)

Passive Hero APK 2020 is a web-based game where you have millions of enemies to fight with your amazing skills. If you have downloaded it from our site to enjoy free diamonds, make a scroll and more. More rewards.

Why We Do An Independent Hero Update APK

You realize that Idol Heroes is a free game, but there is still a shopping option where we want more, less polite pearls. We do not give you pearls and countless rewards. Love it and be the main character in Idol Heroes. Then you will need to download the Idol Heroes APK Everything Unlimited From Here.


Your diamonds have no limit to what you can buy in a store and recycle everything you need. Then you can play like a king. 100% secure. This stunt works 100% as it was done by Estre Games and our team. You do not need to have more pressure than Hero Hero APK.

Instructions for playing Hero Idol

Set your name when you are not present. When you return to your device, they will be more noticeable in more volume and ready to deal with obstacles.

Evolution has more than 200 heroes with real power. Bring your hero. Train them to be holy and to find more

The game has 10M + downloads and can be played by millions of other players worldwide. Not big (only 155 MB)


There is no way to enlighten us on the fact that we are getting a legal way to get everything apk from a free IVL hero. A proxy network (VPN) or root does not require an interface and is a 0% refusal.