State Of Survival Codes - Working Codes

What is State Of Survival Codes?

State Of Survival Codes - Working Codes. It's been six months since the apocalypse began. The virus has invaded the city. Six months of fighting fear, panic, survival and Zombie. You are a student and your friends who are fighting bravely with the giants. Build a city." Saves us from the constant waves of Zombies. Welcome to Survival Land.The plan is ready for a game to show you are ready to stay!

Infection of humans, unable to make independent decisions, has spread throughout the country. State Of Survival Codes Now that the surviving army and governments have gone underground, now is the time for them to live. The world now belongs to infected people. State Of Survival Codes It's time to build a city with a strategy to keep Zombies and Beasts alive. The plague spread quickly, and the people wanted a hero! They have to survive, because survival is the only goal!

In this fun activity you can find friends or fight with other survivors. Shoot zombies in FPS mode with your shotgun. Death is coming and the battlefield is for heroes only, so build an army!

Do whatever is necessary to escape this terrible war. Winning this battle will not be easy. Your infected are everywhere and they are fighting against a zombie army on your hands! Weapons are State Of Survival Codes scarce and we have to save everything we have from animal carcasses in the community. Create a new city, team and survival plan for this MMORPG. Be a zombie hunter! It's time to live.

Updated On 4 February 2021

State Of Survival Codes (Active)

  1. VK70K : Redeem this code before expires
  2. sos1234 : (only for new players) Redeem this code before expires
we will keep updated this list so please bookmark our site and stay tuned.

Note : Codes Expires after some time so you have to bookmark our site regularly for updated codes

Expired Codes

  1. RUIG30K : (only for new players) Redeem this code before expires
  2. Gorhappynewyear : Redeem this code to get rewards
  3. HAEMATOM : (only for new players) Redeem this code before expires
  4. byebye2020 : Redeem this code before expires
  5. countdown : Redeem this code before expires
  6. Samsung : Redeem this code before expires
  7. DECEMBER : Redeem this code before expires
  8. Prestupnik : Redeem this code before expires
  9. Thanksgiving2020 : Redeem this code before expires
  10. HAEMATOM : Redeem this code before expires


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