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Bitlife Mod Apk
Bitlife Mod Apk is for those who are interested in real games, Bellaoff-Life Simulator is a fun game to explore. It has everything you need, including life in bitlife mod menu simulation game. You will have many contacts that will give you happiness. Find out more about this great game with our test.


The game depends on their players to find their story and create similarities so you are free to do something in BitL and your actions will determine where you go. Start your life as a man. You will be able to access all the related Bitlife Mod Apk related to your character. Do whatever you want, make your own decisions and find out if it is right or wrong.


Here are some of the visual features we think the Bilavi life runners simulator will love:

Individual statistics for self-assessment
In this game, players will have access to actions and decisions that will affect your stats.
This is one of the most important statistics in determining your level of happiness. When you are happy, things will go your way and you will feel more perfect before you do anything. On the other hand, a little relaxation means that your emotions are getting the better of you. This makes it less Bitlife Mod Apk in all the work in which it participates.
Good health is essential if you want to live a perfect life. This prevents you from getting involved in many activities, increases your productivity and has a shorter and less satisfying life.
People need to be careful to understand what is happening around them. That being said, you will need to spend time learning and learning new things in order to increase your level of intelligence.
You were born with a face that your parents gave you. It can be bad or good, no matter what. BeatLife-Everything can be changed in a life simulation app. Spend a little money to back up. It is said that to improve your beauty, you may have to undergo plastic surgery that will keep you warm. You Bitlife Mod Apk go so far as to change your gender, but you still feel bad about the old days.
Other activities that you can enjoy
Because this is a life simulation topic, players can choose to try everything and face their results.
This is a very tedious job, but you will not give up because you are bringing in money. You will need money to keep the business going, buy what you want, and support the people you love.
The club
And every time visiting a club is not a bad idea. It reduces your stress and allows you to meet new people. Who will be your partner? In addition, when you live in a club, you have to deal with all situations, such as getting caught on the carpet, giving others marijuana, and so on.

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It is important to take care of your body so that it looks good and attractive to other people. In addition, keeping fit will allow you to keep your body fit. This can be helpful in certain situations, such as burglars who visit your home or who are fighting Hollywood.

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Another way to look good is to see a plastic surgeon. Working hard will make you look good. You probably have an interesting day.

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Learning is always the safest way to succeed. However, the study process is tedious and tedious for many days and takes a long time to complete your studies. If you can't resist, there are other ways to succeed.


If you do not want to learn, there are other ways to get rich quick. And one of them goes to a casino where people live. Zinc and you can get luck that will last a long time. Lose and get out of balance.
He commits a crime
If you do not make enough money at the casino, gambling will not be your thing. Why not take your business elsewhere at this time? In particular, criminal systems are not bad for us. Yes, if you do not stick to it. They say you can make money by doing illegal things.

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However, for those who are unlucky and find themselves in prison, life can be bleak. When you are in prison, you do not have to do much, which can eventually lead to poor health, unhappiness, and so on.
So if you feel you can't stand up, you can plan an escape route to hold your freedom. Or you could offer to raise your phrase.

Encountering real events

With many interactive NPCs with real objects, players can have interesting interactions with other characters in the game. You can make friends, dates or your partner if you wish. Each person comes with a set of specific distinguishing features.


Depending on your choice, this may be one of the most important, or at least the least important.


Having an intelligent friend or a partner can be very helpful as they can provide the best solution. It is easy to take and will give you a talking tom.


While money is not everything, it is something we should not care about. Having rich friends will be good for your business because they can help you in many ways. For both, wealth allows you to live a comfortable life without worrying too much.


This article is displayed on each NPC in the game. It reflects their willingness to do things that are on their minds. While casual conversation with them can be fun, unbalanced relationships may not seem like a good choice.

Connect and build a family

And if you feel like meeting the right person in your life. You can start your own family together. If you want to raise a family and bring more laughter to the family, you can raise your children or raise others.

Image and sound quality

Apparently, the game has no visual widgets because the game is based on text. However, with a clean organization, you will be able to access all the options whenever you want. Some of the sounds are interesting as you adjust the volume to certain situations apk in your daily life.