GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Get ready for the best action you can get with Battle Cannon: 3D Helicopter on your mobile device. Access helicopters, planes and more as you travel to endless helicopter missions around the world. Fighting enemies and crime in different places, in different places with different jobs and a desire to take responsibility.

Battle of the Artillery: Enjoy joining you in this exciting and fun 3D battle every time you spend in the sky. Combine them with different machines and challenges. Enjoy interesting play activities with deep play and a fun experience. It will be available on your mobile device.

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Story / Game

In the game, Android players are found playing the role of pilots and enjoying every action in the game. Feel free to learn about the pilot's life and deal with the task and the obstacles you face. Discover the thrilling Good Bull Butterfly: 3D Helicopter with your own selections, exciting sky battles and incredible shooting.

And at the same time, give them different vehicles, each with a different design and function. Choose your rotating VTOL or winged aircraft and join meetings and questions. Find different planes with your plane and immerse yourself in the brightest experience in the game. Discover a beautiful but scary sky as you take on your character in many exciting adventures.


Here are all the interesting features that the game will provide:

Encourage control and understanding

For the first time, Android gamers in Artillery Battle: 3D Helicopter will realize that they are fully immersed in an exciting gameplay and air combat. And the game offers access to control, touch and interesting access to help you with missions and air events, quickly join and use it to the fullest.

Just adjust the height of the helicopter using the up and down buttons, tap on the screen to adjust your navigation and play freely with Fireworks: 3D Helicopter with many shooting options and targeted options. Choose different weapons, shoot multiple bullets or bullets at the target and achieve your goal. Everything can be done easily thanks to the touch controls accessible in the game.

Choose from multiple flights

And for those who are interested, you can now join the great action game in 3D helicopter by choosing from Gunship Battle: Many different flying modes. Here you can choose the aircraft you want, selected separately for specific air turbines, each with weaknesses and strengths. Work with flexible helicopters if you want your plane to fly freely in different conditions. If you want to enjoy the battles of heroes and action with certain heroes, choose combat jerseys. And use the most Amazing and Unique Sky Castle to drop your explosions at the enemy.

And in each category there is a selection of aircraft that work for Android players, each with its own unique features and flying experience. So Android players will definitely be interested in the game.

Equip your helicopter with powerful weapons and armor

And for those who are interested, you can now use powerful helicopters with their own set, each with its own equipment and equipment. Unlock your helicopter and jet with different tools, each with its own power. From dropping the remaining 30mm bullets to the grenade launcher and more. You can use many weapons to destroy your enemies properly.

At the same time, you can discover interesting weapons that can enhance your flying experience and help you fight. Improved helicopter upgrades allow you to fly faster and more precisely, unlock armor and provide better safety for flying ships. All Artillery battles: Helicopters will be available in 3D.

Participate in your final test story

During the game, Android players will find that they enjoy the Golden Burt game's underground gaming consoles, which offer the most amazing life experiences. Here you will take on a variety of tasks, each with its own story, drama and great challenges to complete. And most importantly, the improvement of the mechanical game will make the whole experience a reality.

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Image and sound quality


Far from the bat, Android players in Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D will surely be interested in their first missions with incredible graphics. Immerse yourself in a lively air, fly an unusual plane and enjoy an amazing action with a powerful blast. And with perfect play, you can always play smooth and satisfying games on your Android device with a big obb data apk screen tablet.