Stick War: Legacy MOD APK (Unlimited Gems)

Rise from the ancient battle with swords and shields in the famous online game. Wars of Wars: Legacy is now available on Android devices that are fun to play with drugs. Command your armies to invade other people's lands, build your own towers to defend yourself from others, and capture all the characters in your army in the battle to capture the scepter: Inheritance.


The game features an active and simple control game. You command the Stickman army in need of increasing your space and power. Become a king and join the land of men and lead your country to success.

You will have the option to build an army with different units, each with its own purpose. For example, you have precious gold miners, builders and architects for building cavalry towers. There will be miners exploring other military-related units. Your only goal? Destroy your enemies and become the great king of this country.


Those who love strategy games will surely love the Legacy of Sword Warfare because of its strategy. You will have to build an empire from the beginning, continue the work of acquiring land and wealth, the real life experience. Etc. This is a feature you really like.

Stick Wars is fun and interesting

We all think of Stickman as the simplest, which makes the views of both Stickman's forces fight each other in a fun and direct way. But don't think it's an easy fight between runners, in a big battle you can get into hundreds of different units.

Additionally, you can choose to control any behavior of your troops and book control. Then you may feel like a warrior in a battle between two armies. Additionally, you can reduce the damage done to you by controlling your anger mentally.

Things can be customized for your character

Units can be equipped with a variety of weapons and equipment to help them in battle. You can pick up these tools by moving on to your game and buy them for your gold. During battles, acquiring a minimum of weapons can be a key factor in leading your army to victory.

A variety of different things with their own characteristics

Things also show things including leaves, ice cubes, fox objects, angry objects and vampire objects. Wearing a leaf item compared to other items will slow down a bit, however it will reduce your energy. Units wearing ice, their enemies are slow and sometimes cold. On the other hand, the Lava object has the power of an enemy volcano that burns your enemies and compensates for some of their losses.

Born out of chaos, monster objects make your unit resistant to toxic damage and allow them to steal life force from enemies. In addition, they exert great power over nearby enemies. And lastly, wild animals made of bones and skins of powerful animals gave them strength and fat to make them look like wild heroes on the enemy list.

How the green ghost and happiness

And when you talk about bad things, you will find it very useful when you are dealing with an endless stream of tricks in endless life mode. Your performance will be calculated based on the number of nights you can stay. Stand still when you get an amazing reward at the end of your quest.

Guide to Beauty Movie

I have always loved how to tell stories in War Heritage. Comic-type movies make the game more fun with their interesting artistic style. In addition, they do a good job of summarizing previous chapters and explaining what is happening in the future. This gives the player an idea of ​​the game's progress at rest.

Find the Inmorta crown in the campaign mode

Our main mission in single player mode is to expand our country to the area around Imamata, where neighboring countries are at war. Each group comes with its own technology and capabilities, choose one according to your style.

Repeat the progress on the map on your journey to discover the amazing crown of the Imam and to bring peace to the country.

It is completely free and the nature of our legacy is the lead of war

If you download your Battlefield game on Google Play, you will be frustrated by the ads and game purchases. As a result, many players have lost interest in this great sport.

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The cartoon style of the cartoon makes the stick more friendly. But when they do fight, do not think that they will be as fierce warriors as wolves. Aside from an honest strategy approach, the game offers great battles and amazing weapons. In addition, at the time of our testing there were no visible gaps where the game went smoothly.

Sound / Music

The actions in each game are well defined and the sound effects are real. For example, while digging for gold, you may hear the sound of your ore or the sound of metal weapons falling together in a difficult battle. Additionally, in each level of the game there are interesting music songs to enhance your experience.

Download Stick War: Legacy MOD APK (Unlimited Gems)

With good features, the game is definitely the best war game.